This image is a reflection on how I want my fashion journey to be going forward. I started out as someone who liked playing around with clothes to make a statement to now someone who is known as an expert in the field and provides advice and guidance. I decided to do a rebranding shoot because I have a whole new focus and outlook on my fashion business. With my image I wanted to show someone who is professional and personable. I want to take all that I have learned along the way and help educate others on how creative they can get with fashion and how to maximize what they already have.

I love to put together outfits together because it helps me display my creativity and its super therapeutic as well. Last Sunday I asked my Facebook Family and Friends for some outfit ideas. A few responded and there were a variety of answers so I decided that I would do them all. I spread them out through the course of the week and I did 4 different looks for each. Sunday was Jean, Monday was Maternity, Tuesday was Vintage, Wednesday was Fall Fashion and Thursday was Pinup. I absolutely loved it. I was able to create looks for some categories that I hadnt before. I was able to do some research and create a variety of wearable looks and it was fun just to see which different looks that everyone picked for themselves.

Its getting close to Halloween and I wanted to show fun ways to recreate cartoon or movie characters with some of the pieces that you already own. I always like to show easier less expensive options for achieving looks. I was just very specific in the pieces or clothing that was used and what color and style they were. I kept it simple but you can have as much fun with it as you wish.